Manicures, Nail Extensions, Touch-Ups and Pedicure

CND* Shellac Manicure Gel  

SNS* Dip Powder  

SNS* French  

SNS* Ombre Dip Powder  

Odorless Acrylic  

Odorless Acrylic Fill In  

Acrylic Full Set With Gel Polish  

Acrylic Fill In With Gel Polish  

Gel Millennium With Gel Polish Full Set  

Gel Millennium With Gel Polish Fill In  

Liquid Gel  

Liquid Gel Fill In  

Liquid Gel Pink/ White  

Liquid Gel Pink/ White Fill In  

Solar Nails Pink/ White  

Solar Nails Pink/ White Fill In  

Pink Fill  

Tip Removal  

Hand Polish Change  

Toe Polish Change  

Nail Art Design  

Cut Down  

Nail Repair  

Hand French - American  

Toes French - American  

Toe Gel Polish Without Pedicure  

Regular Manicure  

Deluxe Milk & Honey Manicure  

Regular Pedicure  

Regular Pedicure With Gel Polish  

Regular Manicure and Pedicure  

Signature Pedicure With Sugar Scrub & Hot Stone Massage  

Special Hi-Style Deluxe Pedicures

Pomegranate Pedicure *Anti-Aging*  

An invigorating exfoliation of the legs and feet leave you feeling silky smooth. Full of antioxidants and skin revitalizing properties invigorates and soothes. Hot stone massage makes muscles relax Anti-aging.

Lavender Pedicure *Relaxing*  

The aroma will relax away from the stress.

Ultra-hydrating. Replenishes, exfoliates and nourishes your skin. Calms aching muscles. Hot stone massage.

Orchid Pedicure *Delightful*  

Exotic and relaxing. Begin with a fragrant soak followed by exfoliating sugar scrub.

Hot stone massage.

Enchanted orchid lotion with coconut and honey leaves your skin smooth and glowing.

Peppermint Pedicure *Invigorating*  

Stimulates circulation and provides temporary relief to some muscles and joints. Intense exfoliation using Eucalyptus peppermint scrub. Hydrates and delights the scrums with a therapeutic aroma. Hot stone massage.

Tangerine Pedicure *Fragrant*  

Intense, natural nourishment and exfoliation for the feet and legs. 100% tangerine lotion is massaged into your skin. Rich source of vitamin C services as an antioxidant. Hot stone massage.

Green Tea Pedicure *Blissfully Soothing*  

The intensive moisturizing mask contains high levels of antioxidants and skin exfoliating properties to restore and brighten, Exfoliant leaves skin feeling soft. Hot stone massage makes muscles relax. Anti-aging

Cucumber Pedicure *Cool & Crisp*  

Refresh tired and overworked feet. An aromatic blend of clean, cucumber cools and renews the feet.

Ultra hydrating, with Shea

Butter extracts, Cucumber extracts serve as antioxidants, Exfoliant scrub. Hot stone massage.

Mink & Honey Pedicure *Sensual*  

Soak in milk paraffin honey with hints of vanilla

Honey is used to protect and rejuvenate. Antioxidants renew skin. Traps and seals in moisture, leaving skin soft and supple

Exfoliant scrub, Hot stone massage.

Royal Verbena Pedicure *Luxurious*  

Ultra-hydrating with Shea butter. Softens with botanical extracts. Revitalizes with citrus oils. Natural sugar crystals exfoliate to reduce calluses and smooth away dry, rough skin. Hot stone massage.

Tropical Pedicure *Exotic*  

Transport yourself to a tropical island with the scents of fruit, wildflower and chamomile. 

Exfoliation with dead stimulates cells. Relax and rejuvenate while relieving muscle tension.

Hot stone massage.

Cappuccino Pedicure *Rich*  

Energizing boost of caffeine, plus a rich, tantalizing coffee aroma. Designed to get you up and going. This pedicure will reduce dry, rough skin Caffeine helps stimulate cell turnover. Hot stone massage.

Silky-Smooth Body Waxing





Complete Face  

Under Arm  

Full Arms & Hands  

Half Leg (Both Legs)  

Full Leg (Both Legs)  



Back or Chest  

Complimentary Beverages

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Water Wine, Champagne